Week 8: Sound and image

Ideas to screen

These are things used for the pre production of animation. We watched scenes from Ratatouille  and Incredible’s and looked at the sound, composition and colour scripting used in the films.

Still Image: Is developing a concept using a still image, developing our own ideas using this one image and seeing where it can take us with a story.

Storyboard: The storyboard is a series of sketches generated from our ideas using out still image. The storyboard is normally images next to each other in the order sequence of when each event occurs. This allows us to focus on the composition, where things are in the story.

Animatic: Is the order of sound used with the animation, allowing you to set the sound with the animation which is easier to do rather than just putting the sound in after the animation without no guide. Using a simple designed animation to start with, then choosing where the sound goes before the animation has been completely finished. This is an animatic used in the film Ratatouille.

Colour Scripting: This is where you’d want the colour to be used in the animation, using different colour scripts allow the animators to know where and when the colour should be used. For example there would be a colour script where the animation is set at night and one set in day time, with this it gives them the chance to use the right colours throughout the animation instead of it being a completely different colour that isn’t anywhere else in the animation. This is a colour script used in the film Incredible’s, created by Lou Romano in 2002.

incredible colour

Sound and image composition: This is when you choose where and when you want the sound to be linked to certain images in scenes.

Audio- Visual Analysis: This tracks how the audience would feel when watching the animation, it sets the mood and tension on the animation. It is normally recorded using charts and dope sheets, so that they know when and where it is in their story. dopesheetThis is what a dope sheet looks like:


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