Week 7: Art and design in context

Essay plan:

My question that I have chosen is “how has Disney changed over time thorough animation?” I like this question because I enjoy Disney related products or films. It will allow me to understand Disney a bit better and allow me to relate to things that I already know about Disney. Ill start the introduction about what it is and what it does. Then move to chapter one being based around its history with how it has had problems in the past. Then chapter two will be about the technology advancement through its journey to become what is it today. Then Chapter 3 will be about what it is now with animation, with how they have no more plans for 2D films. Then the conclusion will be about the summary of how it has developed.


Today we looked at each others idea’s for our essay questions so that we all could help give each other ideas on what we could look at and how we can narrow the question down. We also looked at our three favourite animations, mine were Wall-E, Corpse Bride and Monsters Inc. I choose them because I have grew up with them and enjoyed how unique there story’s are. This task also helped us think of stronger ideas for our questions by giving us a better idea on what we enjoy about animation.

Our new task was to develop a debate about what Disney’s future will be like. We were split into groups to find quotes and information on what we could debate about.

What is Disney’s future? We started looking at statistics compared to other companies, but then we found that Disney doesn’t have any plans for any 2D animation movies. So this we learnt that they are looking for more an advancement for technology.


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