Week 7: Sound and image

Diegetic sound: Is sound that we can link together with a source. So like sounds coming from characters voices or coming from an object which is from an original source of sound. Music which could be being played within the actual film itself, like in a town using instruments.

Non diegetic sound: Then Non diegetic sound is sound which doesn’t come from its original source and is implemented to a new source or object. Sound effects which is added to create sound effects. Narrator talking over the video is a non diegetic sound because we cant see him so we cant link him to any image. Mood music given to scenes to create an atmosphere so that the audience can capture what is going on better with the sound.

This is the orginal^ Touch of evil scene which is non diegetic because it has music themed from an outside source.

This is a reconstructed version and is diegetic because they have removed the themed music and made it so that there is instruments playing instead which can be sourced within the scene.

We also looked at Tron and Metropolis which are very old films. Tron has use of non diegetic sound because there is a narrotive voice talking over a few scenes. There is Static sound effects and echo’s to show the futuristic game space side to the film. In Metropolis  is there is a contrast of classes used in the film with there being a high and poor class. It is a film with no dialogue but titles, using sound to display the atmosphere.

With Delicatessen we here the sound connecting together in a humorous way. With it connecting in a arrhythmical way, we can understand that they are all in a small area and can here each other. Also the timming of the sound could imply that these is what they all do regularly at that sort of time, which makes them know when to make them sounds.

For my cecil movie I decided to enhance a few of the sound volume so that it was easier for the viewer to here it.


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