Harvard Referencing

Harvard Referencing

For my essay I need to Harvard reference so I went to university to find out more about how to apply it and use it for my work.

Referencing is used to find the source of where you have found research, we reference so that you avoid being accused of plagiarism by stealing other people’s work. It allows people who read my essay or assignments to find where I have gathered the information from so that they can relate and build a stronger knowledge. It also demonstrates my ideas and abilities to find research for my work from others. With referencing I will sometimes have to include a bibliography, this will allow quick sources of information. Referencing is used with information and quotes out of books, magazines articles, internet, images, blogs, YouTube, maps, pod casts, television, films and adverts.


Online image from a data base: 

Dali Madonna (1958) is a…

Then in reference list:

Dali, S. (1958) Madonna. Oil on canvas [online]. [Accessed 10 July 2009]. Available at: <http://www.oxfordartonline.com&gt;.

Online image from a website:

The deep red of Kamuro’s photo (2008)…

Reference list: Kamuro (2008) Calmness. Flickr [online]. [Accessed 20 February 2009]. Available at: <http:www.flickr.com>.


Curtis (2009) noted….

Refrence list: Curtis, H. (2009) 125 years of the IEEE. [blog entry] Accessed 2 July 2009]. Available at: <http://scitblog.wordpress.com/&gt;.


According to Arya (2003, p.23) the most important…..

Reference list: Arya, C. (2003) Design of structural elements. 2nd ed. London: Spon Press.


The recent advertisement by Vodafone (2009)….

Reference list: Vodaphone (2009) Advertisement for 3G mobile telephone [Advertisement on ITV Television]. Viewed 20 April 2009.

DVD and Blu Ray:

The movie (Che, Part One, 2008) Shows….

Reference list: Che, Part one (2008) Directed by S. Soderbergh [DVD]. New York: IFC Films.

Web Pages:

The information literacy scheme (CILIP, 2008)….

Refrence list: Chartered Institute of library and information professionals (CILIP) (2008) Information literacy: a definition [online]. [Accessed 7 August 2008]. Availablle at <http://www.cilip.org.uk/policyadvocay/informationliteracy/definitiondefault.htm&gt;.

YouTube and online videos: 

This video (Eiriko, 2008) illustrates…..

Reference list: Eiriko (2008) One life in 40 seconds [online]. [Accessed 7 January 2009]. Available at: <http://uk.youtube.com.&gt;


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