Week 3: Post production

For this session we were told to produce a film which was about a bag being stolen in some way. We got into groups and split up in different locations. The silent movie needed to be about 1-2 mins long. So we started off filming a few scenes downstairs, we wanted it to be that someone robs a persons bag then someone robs the bag off him. But when the person finds out that there bag is missing they figure out who it was and chase them down. We took it in turns to film and record at different angles so that we all could get use to filming in different ways. Once we had recorded we found out we only did a short amount of footage so we decided to carry on filming next week. Once we had collected the footage we all had to edit it all in our own way so that it would be different for each of us and also so we could practice editing on Adobe premier pro. Features such as cutting, fading and adding titles to the silent movie.


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