Week 6: Post production

This session we were watching each other’s silent movies gathering ideas of each other that we could incorporate into our videos. I found that a lot of people used soundtrack within there short edit task which was set last week. They started it off with suspensive sounds that built up to the end of the video to show something dramatic. I found this really useful becuase it gave me ideas on how I was gonna add or cut parts into my own video.

Buster Keaton died in 1966 and was known to be an actor, film-maker, comedian and writer. His work is very similar to the actor Charlie Chaplin, they both perform shot comedy sketches with no talking involved.

He performs all his own stunts, which are planned out so that nothing goes horribly wrong. The videos he produce shows the actions that they do are the words, giving clues on what is happening around them.

I edited the silent movie that my group had created, I added sound in to it try and give it more of a suspense with what was going on. I wanted it to feel creepy near the end because you see the threats being made with the bag.


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