Week 6: Art and design in context

In this session we looked at questions to use for our essay’s. Also we went through what was needed for the essay. With Harvard referencing being one of the most important, so that I can reference any information or research I find through the internet, books, articles and magazines. This is so that im not stealing anybody’s work through copyright. My question that I narrowed down that i want to use is ‘How has Disney’s animation changed over time?’.

My task was to look at 3 different animations that are my personal favourite’s.

I chose:

Wall-E, the reason I enjoy Wall-E because I found that it was different, there isn’t much talking in the entire film it is mainly sounds which was how the robots communicated. With Wall-E its a story of a small robot who has been left on a planet cleaning it for the humans to return home.light All the other robots that were like Wall-E died out over time, leaving just Wall-E. Then suddenly Eve appears searching for life on earth, Wall-E falls in love with her and follows her. She discoverers a plant and takes it back to the spaceship where all the humans have been waiting for their return back to earth. Once we get to the spaceship we discover that all he humans have became fat because of the amount of time they have been in space and have had no exercise. It turns out the reason why they have been in space for such a long time is because of a corrupted robot destroys all the plants to stop the humans from returning to earth. Wall-E and Eve discover this and it is then up to them to stop it from happening. 

Corpse bride, with the corpse bride it has a much different style in it compared to the other two films I have chosen, the story layout is unique and grabs my attention.corp I grew up watching Tim Burton related films. In the corpse bride it is a film about the two worlds of the living and the dead. We find Victor who is practising his lines for his wedding with Victoria, but little did he know that he accidentally puts a ring on a corpse of a bride. From this he discovers the world of the dead and finds out Emily’s story on how she was killed because the person who she thought loved her wanted her moneyEmily Corpses Bride. Victor begins to gain feelings for her and they both decide to have a wedding in the living world. Victoria soon finds out and interrupts the wedding, in shock to see Victor marrying a corpse. Emily realises that she shouldn’t be doing this and gives Victor back to Victoria, then suddenly Emily’s murderer appears and try’s to stop this because he wanted to do the same thing to Victoria. He eventually gets killed and Victor and Victoria marry. Emily is then set free and fades away happy knowing that Victor is happy and her murderer has died. Here is a picture I drew of Emily from the film Corpse Bride. 

Monsters inc, is a funny creative film that I have also grew up with liking. I enjoy seeing the different monster designs and the 3D work that goes into the film.monster It was produced by Pixar Animation Studios in 2001, it is a film about the separation of humans and monsters. We find that Mike and Sully the main characters come attached to a human child that has entered there world by mistake. They try and hide her from the other monsters so that they can get her safely back home, but Randal finds out and try’s to sabotage there plan. 


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