Week 5: Post production

Alfred Hitchcock is known for being the master of suspense, his work has been in films such as: Psycho, the birds, vertigo and many more. In the 1960’s film Psycho we see a famous shower scene which shows a women who is about to get stabbed, but he delivers the footage by doing the scene in certain angles that develop a suspense to what is about to happen. For the scene they use lot of different camera angles to the shot that build upon each other allowing you to feel intimidated by what you are watching.

Alfred Hitchcock talks about how he creates suspense with the use of different camera shots and cutting down the video to add more suspense.

Our next task was to edit a video from Archive.org, I found an old how to video telling us how to talk to your parents correctly from 1946. It shows a daughter and son showing different scenarios on how they would talk to there parents. One scenario would be accepting what they have said and moving on or a different scenario would be that they disagree with what they say so they cause an argument. The video was at 7 minutes and i trimmed it down to 30 seconds this allowed me to change the video completely making it a video of a girl being rude to her farther and disobeying him. With this edit it allowed me to change the videos context so that it wasn’t a how to video telling you to do the right thing and now its a short video of girl doing the wrong thing.


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