Week 5: Art and design in context

In this session we looked at using plaster and modelling it to each others faces to create a mask that we could use representing our self’s. Also we looked at zoetrope with how they work and the strips that create the animation on them. The series of drawings put together in the zoetrope, once it has been spun to a high speed t20150309_174907he drawing will start to show movement. Our task was to create our own strips for the zoetrope and produce our own little animation for it. I wanted to create two zoetrope strips, so I created one that had a dripping effect and the other to have balls bouncing across the screen. There are 12 images in a zoetrope strip which is used to create the short animation. zoetrope’s were created in 1833 or 1834 by British mathematician William George Horner. The speed that the zoetrope is spun changes the way we see the image movement speed in the zoetrope, we see the animation repeat its self giving the zoetrope limitation.zoetrope


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