Week 6: Sound and image

I had finished my audition project, which was to add sounds to fit in to the animation of Cecil the cat burglar. 

After this we were given a task to compare two soundtracks used in a film called Persepolis 

We had to compare the sound from a scene in the fillm to an alternative sound in the same scene in the film.

In the original soundtrack the sound started out to be slow and sinister leaving the sense that there was something bad was happening in the town. We see the tanks coming over and people rioting over the soundtrack making it be the main sound so it leaves a stronger impact. Then when it moves to the scene of the man being shot the sound comes to a sudden stop and slowly fades away. Then we find ourselves in the house and witness a family talking to each other in a different language leaving you to wonder what is happening what’s going on in the town. Leaves a sense of curiosity because you have witnessed a man being shot and you want to find out what was the reason for this. Leaving questions can make you think of different scenarios for the animation that could of happened. Then we come to the scene with town people rioting towards the prison. I felt that maybe they are in the wrong and freeing guilty people. A man comes into their home and talks to them and they all gather round, because of the child being told to go away I felt maybe they are planning something to get their own back on the soldiers. When we come to the end of the video we find the girl talking to her friends in a future scene but we are unsure what she is saying but it looks like she is just generally talking to them. It’s like everything has past and that it is all back to normal.

In the altered video soundtrack we find the speed of the soundtrack being played much more louder and faster making it feel like a rush or panic. The speed of the soundtrack gradually gets stronger when the person gets shot. Then when we enter the family’s home we find them talking English so that we can understand what they are saying this allows us as a viewer to understand the situation more and see what is really happening. They mention how bad the town is getting and that the town is rebelling against the government because of torture they do in the prison. This answers why the town riots and breaks people free from the prison because they want to stop what the government doing experiments and torturing innocent people in them. We find when the girl gets sent out the room she actually gets told to go to her room because of her family discussing about the town and that she was making too much noise. In the original one we didn’t understand where she was sent and what she was saying out loud. The soundtrack becomes a lot more calmer in the house while everyone is talking about how the town is falling apart with everyone rioting about the government putting innocent people in prison and torturing them. Finally at the end the soundtrack fades out and we here a calm soundtrack where we see into a future scene of the small girl playing a game with her mates and saying if they lose they will be tortured. Using what she had heard from her family’s discussion.

Once we had completed this task we looked at sketchs and storyboard ideas for a second assignment with creating a animation for a given soundtrack.

With these drawing’s I started designing small buildings and scenery objects that I could use in my medieval like animation. I have done basic character designs that I can work from in the future. My plan for my animation is to make the animation scroll from being a blacksmith crafting a weapon to the animation expanding out so that you can see the town altogether, I want to use the sounds that I hear from track one to be shown in a medieval town like place.




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