Week 4: Sound and Image

Sound comparison, today we were looking into sound comparing more. So we started to watch some videos. The first task was to listen to the first animation but without seeing the animation. We had to listen out to as many sounds as we could then to try and figure out what was going on in the animation. The sounds that I heard: Muddy walking, spade, dirt, rocks being banged together, bell, pump, mug, door, zip on some sort of bag, someone running, coughing, drinking, flask being opened, loud bangs on wood, creaks, wind, someone being dropped, striding. From listening to the sounds in that order I wrote the summary of what I thought happened.

I think in the film, there was a man carrying a body in a body bag during a windy wet night. i think he unzipped the bag and dropped the body in a hole within a coffin then shut the coffin. So he covered up the coffin with dirt using his spade. But the person in the coffin was still alive and woke up which lead to him banging on the inside of the coffin. The man heard this and started to run back to his home. When he arrived and opened his door he zipped the bag back up, opened a flask and poured it into a glass. The man started drinking alcohol but it was too strong so he started coughing out loud. A fly a appears and the man starts to watch it buzz past as he drinks. Then he goes to bed.

After this we then watched it with the sound and image both together and I found the similarities with what I thought happened with what actually did happen. It starts out with an old women walking, which has the similarities to how I wrote someone walking. Then she stops at a post-box and opens a zipped bag to drop a letter inside. I wrote that man opens a zipped bag then takes a body out then drops it into a hole. Next she gets home and opens the door. I wrote that the man gets home and opens his door. She then gets her order of a pump from the mail and starts pumping up her husband who may had passed away. Which she then gets a drink of tea out for him. I wrote that the man started to drink some of alcohol out of a glass and then he starts coughing. Then in the animation the old women notices a fly buzzing past. I wrote that the man watches the fly buzz past him. Then she bursts her husband and bins him.

Our next task was to was to watch an animation and work out what was going on but this time without the sound. I think there was an experimentation on a creation that a mad scientist had created, the experiment started exploring the world and gain knowledge. Until it had too much knowledge which lead to it not being able to move much. So it got stuck in the same place for days. Then his creator came and found him so that he could do a check up on how his creation was doing. He finds that the person that he had created wasn’t moving much and that he has been in the same spot for a while. So he checks that it is still alive by checking its heart. He discovers that it is still alive so he tests its reflex’s and see’s if everything still works. Then he notices his brain glowing so he looks inside its head to see what his experiment has discovered. He finds that he has enough knowledge and now is approved to be a normal person. I think that with sound I understood that the person who owns the experiments was testing them out and seeing if it they have mated with anyone so when he discovers that they have he approves them and leaves them with all the other experiments to be collected.

Once we had completed these tasks we went to move on to audition again so that we could add more sounds on the animation that was given to us, Cecil the cat burglar. This is the original animation with the original sounds. 

Cecil the cat burglar is an animation created by Jamie Cartright


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