Week 3: Introduction to art and design

In this session we were creating dialogue and a script for our characters in our stories for the theatres. Previously we designed the characters the villager crowd, villager sheriff, prisoner villager, Silkworm and the spider/creature. The summary of the story starts of with the villagers come together and start talking in the village about the creature that lurks in the forest. They think that the creature will come and attack them unless they send a sacrifice up once every month, but little did they know that the spider is harmless and friendly. They begin voting for the next prisoner to send up and eventually chooses one, the silkworm then appears and suggests that he goes up and investigate the creature because he doesn’t agree with all these sacrifices. So he goes up into the forest and meets the spider where he soon discovers that she is harmless and that all the villagers that come to her end up dying because of the spider web that they get stuck in. The spider cant get them out once they are in because she doesn’t know how to, the silkworm can climb on web because he creates his own silk web. He returns to the villagers and explain that she is innocent and doesn’t want to harm any one. But the villagers think that this is her weakness and decide to go and kill the spider encase she does eventually attack them. The silkworm tries to stop them and then flies to warn the spider. When the villagers come to the spiders caves entrance they get stuck inside the spiders web and struggle to move. The spider tries to help but the villagers taunt the spider to stay away. So the silkworm and spider leave them to there own fiat.


Villagers are hustling and bustling in the village

Talk about the annual sacrifices

Villager 1: ‘How’s the family? Keeping them away from the forest?’

Villager 2: ‘Yes I have, do you realise how many sacrifices we send to the creature?’

Villager 1: ‘We send up one a month so twelve a year.’

Villager 2: ‘Yes you’re right, it may be creepy but it stops the prisons getting overcrowded’

20150226_110539Monster talks in its habitat

Monster: ‘It’s almost time for my so called food again’

Villagers talk about who to send as sacrifice

Sherriff: ‘It’s time to vote for the next prisoner to send to the creature, so that it doesn’t kill us all.’

Villager 2: ‘I think HE should!’

The Nut: ‘No not me! NOOOOOOO!’

Villager 1: ‘Yes, I think he should, he tried to murder us! He is a traitor!’

The Nut: ‘No, anything! I’ll do anything, PLEASE!

Sheriff: ‘Send him away.’

Silk worm appears

Silky: ‘Wait! This creature you speak of where is its abode?’

Sherriff: ‘Through the twisting dark forest hidden within its lair.’

Villager 2: ‘I thought it lived in the depths of hell itself?’

Sherriff: ‘It’s not Santa Claus! Stupid villager.’

Villager 2: ‘Well he wears red…’

Sherriff: Anyways, go if you wish to lose your life to save this scum, but don’t expect our help.’

Silky: ‘I have skills and experience, I will find this creature and stop the village from living in fear of it.’

The Nut: ‘Thank you, so much.’

Sherriff: ‘If you do this we will crown you our king and saviour. Good luck.’

Crowd cheers

Silk worm approaches the forest and sees the webs

Silky: ‘I knew those villagers would allow me to be king if I defeated the creature, but most of all it stops the sacrifices after they sent my cousin. I want to stop the madness.’

Silky sees the web

Silky: ’Oh this looks like spider web. Is this creature a Spider?’

Carefully climbs onto them admiring the architecture

Spider appears in front of the Silk Worm

Spider: ‘Yes I am a spider, a very angry one! Are you next?’20150226_110615

Silky: Yes, but I want to stop this madness! Why do you kill these villagers?’

Spider: ‘No I don’t, I’m misunderstood I am nothing special.’

Silky: ‘Wait. What? You’re good? But where do all the sacrifices end up?’

Spider: ‘They get stuck in my web and die, I can’t get them out once they get stuck. Why aren’t you getting stuck?’

Silky: ‘It’s because I’m a silk worm. I create web myself. Your web is beautifully crafted you are something and I will show the villagers you are friendly.’

Spider: ‘Thank you, hopefully this will stop everything.’

After exchanges they start to enjoy each other’s company

Silk Worm heads back to the village

Silky: ‘Villagers she isn’t a bad creature. It is a friendly creature that means no harm.’

Villager 1: ‘What really?’

Sherriff: ‘This makes some sense, we shall hunt this creature down to make sure it can’t attack us.’

Villager 1: ‘Yes attack it where it’s weak.’

Silky: ‘No! Don’t! She is defenceless friendly creature! She makes webs that are works of art.’

Sherriff: ‘We don’t care let’s go kill it!’

Crowd: Angry chanting

The villagers realise the spider isn’t scary and decide to hunt it

Silk Worm tries to stop the villagers mentioning the webs etc.

Silky: ‘I must warn the Spider and rescue it from this madness.’

Silky rushes past

Crowd: ‘Kill it! Kill it!’

Silky gets to the lair

Silky: ‘Quick spider you must escape now! They are hunting for you!’

Spider: ‘No! I haven’t done anything wrong.’

Silky: ‘No this is crazy!’

Crowd: ‘There it is! KILL IT!’

The villagers get caught in the web unable to move

Crowd: ‘Wait what? NO!’

Spider: ‘They are all stuck. Oh no, they’re going to die.’

Silky: ‘Let’s get out of here and live together. We can’t help them.

Spider: ‘I’d love that.’

This allows the spider and the silk worm to escape safely leaving the villagers stuck

Crowd: ‘HELP US!’

Spider and Silk Worm enjoy each other’s company and many laughs were had


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