Week 2: Editing and post production/ Art and design in context

This session we carried on from what we were doing the day before in the introduction to art and design in context module, we designed the characters that we wanted for our story. We had a crowd of villagers, a sheriff villager, a prisoner villager, silkworm and a spider as the creature. We made the villagers all resemble a fly so it gave the effect that they were scared of the spider, also we gave them pitch forks so that they had some sort of weapon to attack/chase the spider for the story. The silkworm was a small silkworm boy who we tried to make look like a hero who will help the ones that deserve the help. Then the spider which was meant to be the villain but we gave it a twist so that it turns out the spider isn’t a villain and that it was misunderstood.

Next I found images that we could use for the scene background setting to give the illusion that they are exploring around during the story. One was a village for the villagers, one was a forest for the silkworm to explore and the last one was a small cave for the spider to live in.


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