Week 3: Sound and Image

Today’s lecture, we were introduced to the film wall-e where I took notes on how the sound felt different with how they have delivered it to the characters of the film. With Wall-E being voiced by Ben Burtt who also creates sounds for the film. He has worked on many films in his history such as star wars, creating sounds and laser noises for the film. It took them a year to come to a final decision on wanting the correct sounds for the main characters of wall-e. With most sounds being edited with a new tone to make it sound more like a robot. But they still wanted to have the living feel to the voice of the characters from the voice of the actors to give it a stronger connection with it sounding more realistic. With this we learnt ways to collect sounds after watching part of the film and watching the bonus feature of the film with where we learnt how the creators had to make 1,000’s of decisions for each sound and where they wanted them to go.

With wall-e they made the robotic character seem like an old robot that is down graded from the other new robots that have replaced wall-e’s kind over time. They did this by making wall-e sounds like an old record or with rusty sounds coming from him. They added a high pitch sound with when he moves his head and eyes which is a noise which relates to older technology. With Eve the creators wanted her to sound more hi-tech and have laser guns and scanners coming from her, to show that she is much more advBenBurtanced then wall-e.

Next I noticed how they wanted to show feelings from the robots with how they react to each other and respond in a mechanical language. There isn’t much use of words used by the robots other then them saying there names. But the sounds that are used for them when Eve and wall-e communicate the audience can hear and understand what’s going on. I’ve noticed that if wall-e was panicking about eve he will scream her name in a high pitch tone. Also the tone of the names that they both say to each other can show sadness, happiness or any over feeling depending on how the sound has been delivered.

In this animation, the speed and tempo of the music changes as soon as there is a faster scene occurring. This implements that something quick is happening such as wall-e chasing after the rocket in the first scenes of the film. We see this in the use of other videos or films such as Pop-eye or tom and jerry because it shows the flow of the animation and connects them with the image and sound. Most noises are created in the sound studios from scratch, the Disney sound studio created many machines which created sounds that might go well with certain objects. Many wind sounds that have been used in Disney films have been created by a machine which wall ewas created in the studio. This was because during that time the sound recording devices were big and it made it difficult for the sound editors to record natural sounds outside. So they made there own sounds so that it was easier and that they had more control over the sounds that they had created.

After this we were given sound recording devices to find sounds within the art and design building, so that we could apply some to our animation video that we were given to change its sounds. We had a sound record machine, condenser microphone, adaptor and some head phones so we could here the sounds after we had recorded them onto the machine. Firstly we had to format the machine so that its settings were correct for us to start recording. We started to record fan noises to re create wind noises, then we recorded a coffee machine that we could use for a laser beam in the animation. After collecting these sounds we transferred them over to our computers to then amply them onto the animation using Adobe Audition.



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