Week 2: Sound and Image

For this week of sound and image we were introduced to look at certain sounds that are used in animation and then compare them to other animations. We were shown four animations using sound and image.

First one was “How Now, Boing” which shows a young boy who creates sounds when he try’s to speak, these sounds are not normal sounds for a boy so then a professor comes across the boy and tells his parents he is going to try and fix his voice. Throughout the animation there is the use of Rhyme witch draws the viewers attention to understand what is going on through the animation. There is a use of echo when they come to the scene of the laboratory, this echo sound shows the use of space.

The next animation was Tom and Jerry which had the use of instruments to show sound effects on movement or from feelings. There is a background music being played to keep the atmosphere of the animation entertaining. The tempo is changed throughout the animation aswell with the movement of the characters, with when tom chases jerry or when they are walking around the tempo slows down to match the image and the sound.tom nd jerry

Next animation was a music animation with where we see the animation coming to life with shapes and lines appearing in sync with the sounds and music that was being played. It is different to the other animations because it is telling a story with the use of sounds instead of it being the image telling the story.

Then the last animation was pop eye, which starts off with its theme tune which is used on other episodes of pop-eye so the audience instantly know what it is. It starts of with background sound but whenever the characters of speaking it goes quiet so that we can hear what they are saying more clearly. Then when the characters are moving the atmosphere begins to change, such as when pop eye is chasing olive oil the music tempo speeds up to symbolise the fast movement that has been used in the animation which is also used in the animation tom and jerry.Popeye

With this session I learnt more about the tempo, pitch, loudness and timbre that is used in animations. We were told to collect additional sound for the next week session where we would be applying sounds to a animation. I went onto Soundgator and Freesounds to download different sounds that I could find that will go with the animation video we were given.




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