Week 2: Introduction to Art and design in context

We learnt more about history with Britain. There were religious wars between Britain and Spain. Also there were religious wars between Britain and Holland. With wars still going on today with the Catholics and protestants. With this James the 2nd was fighting to get his farther back on the thrown. Then Henry the 7th got invited to take the crown. After that it went down to Henry’s sisters descendant George the 1st who didn’t speak a word of English, his son never had the thrown so it went to his grandson George the 2nd which lead to George the 3rd and 4th. After George the 4th it went to William the 4th who didn’t have any children, so it went to his brothers daughter Victoria. Who became Queen when William died in 1837. Queen Victoria lasted as queen till 1901 when she died. Which lead to her child Edward who only lasted on the thrown between 1901-1910. Gorge the 5th then came to the thrown in 1910 till 1936 after that Edward the 8th didn’t want to crown so that he could marry his wife.

After this will looked at the inventions that were created during that time that we still use today. Such as transport with the use of trams, bikes, cars, ships, trains or with film, telephones and the grammar record.

Then we looked more onto the history of Wolverhampton with music cinemas and theatre. The first authentic cinema in Wolverhampton was certainly electric theatre or palace which opened in 1910. In 1918 the electric cinema closed and became a shop, a few weeks after the electric opened another building near which was converted into a cinema. The Olympia opened in 1910 and could hold up to 800 people. The picture house was a cinema that opened in 1911, 20150213_152856which also had plans for redevelopment of the premises. For many years people spoke about having a civic hall but nothing happened till 1920 which lead for it to open in the west Midlands. 20150213_143757

Once we did this we created a model of a theatre to represent the entertainment that was going on during that time. We were asked to design our own story and characters for a little play we were creating.


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