Week 12: Professional Development

CV Finished

For my CV I went into making it much more styled to the brand that I was trying to make for myself. This was so that people would recognise me easier and remember who I am.

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Cover Letter

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Cover letter

Business Cards

For my business cards I made one side which showcases the style I’ve been using and then the other side shows my details telling people what I am and my contact information. I found that this needed to be short and simple and would go next to my work for the degree show space.



I found after my logo that it wasn’t very clear on who was and what its about but because of how I’ve used the logo on my website and business cards im hoping that would make it easier for people to know what it means. I wanted to keep it as CAW because I wanted it to be short and simple. I liked the ink style that I have and felt that it can help brand me. I feel that it tells people alot about who I am. After using my logo on my other pieces of work I learnt that it also stands for Character Art Work and I thought that would also be a nice way to relate it to me because it says what I am and who I am.



My report looks at the company Creative Assembly, I decided to choose these because I’ve known about the company for a long time and I’ve applied to try and work as a trainee character artist. This would be a great way for me to further my self in my career. I have also wrote an action plan on what I will be doing after university with dates showing what I aim to achieve and when I hope to achieve them by.

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Report Complete 2500 Words


My website I needed to make sure it used my brand style and used the colour scheme that I was using. I also decided to add a photo of me on the home page as a nice way to show people who I am and what I like to do.

I have 4 pages. One page for the home giving people a quick summary of who I am. Another page which shows my gallery of work. One which goes through my CV so people know what ive done in the past, this will allow me to sell my self and shows my CV to people a lot quicker. Then the final page which goes through my contact information.

Below is a link of my website that I have created



For my show-reel I decided to show case work that I had done in previous years so that people can see the skills that I have and what I am able to offer. I thought this would a good idea so that it wasn’t just restricted on one area and show that I can go into others potentially.

Degree Show Space plan

Below is a diagram of my work space that I will be doing to showcase my work this year. I will have a poster on the wall of one of the characters that I have designed. The computer will be showcasing my website/show-reel to help advertise myself. I will have my books full of drawings and designs showing the character work that I have created and worked on over the weeks. The 4 Models that I have created will be in the centre of my work space. Then finally the business cards will be on the right side to try and level things out.







Week 12: Animation Production

Concept Art

So after I had created all my design sheets and drawings of my characters I then went onto creating the final look concept art for them so that people can see fully on how I wanted my characters to look and what colour schemes they use. I really enjoyed the process of creating the concept art and I felt it really does capture the personality in my characters that I have designed. I like how we can see the development process that Hollow has when he transforms into his final form and the personality that Swift has.

Models Finished


Hollows model has changed alot, I increases his head size and which was once a big problem for me. I found that when his head was smaller the detail was so difficult to add to him and also he looked a lot older than he should of been. Making his head bigger made him look younger and helped me work on creating detail to his face.

Hollows second stage I kept on changing the face look to try and get that young adult like face that I wanted. I also worked on the transformation part for this character and added a tree like leg to him to show the affects of the curse.

For his 3rd stage I added a lot branches to him and added more detail to his face. I added more branches to him so that he would look more tree like and more unique. I also added detail to his face because I felt that parts of him didn’t look like what I originally visualized.


Swift model is one of my favourite models that I have created because I feel that it captures the characters personalty the most and shows a clear understanding on how the model should look.

Ancient Tree

The ancient tree I decided to go crazy with its look, I wanted to make the tree look as creepy as possible so I did this by making parts of him life like, such as making some branches to appear as hands and roots also looking like hands trying to grab something or someone.

Character Design Sheets


Below are scanned photos of my drawings for the process of creating Hollow. It shows the styles and changes that I made to the character and how I ended up with my end result. I am happy with how he looked in the end and felt that he was of the key challenges I had when doing this project because of him having the transformation and linking it to the story of Pinocchio.

With Hollow 1st stage where we see him as a young boy with an axe, I started out with a generic looking character who didn’t really have anything about him. I also learnt that I didn’t really show much of his character traits so I needed to work on him. I did life drawing of people during the weeks to try and improve myself at drawing people which would help me design Hollow better. Eventually I ended up in making my characters head larger and added key features to him such as a bandanna. I found increasing his head size to be useful because it helped make him look a lot younger and different to the second stage of Hollow, I also felt that because of his head being bigger I was able to add more life to him making him a much stronger character.

Hollows 2nd stage is a young adult whom started out just being a stronger and bigger version of stage 1 but I needed to make it so it was a combination of the final stage and the first stage. I did this by adding parts from both stages to him, which lead to him having a tree like leg and branches growing out of his shoulder.

Then his 3rd stages started of a this big tree like creature but I found out that some people thought he was a bit to similar to Groot so I needed to change the way he looked. I did this by increasing his heads length, twisting his legs together to become more like a tree trunk and I added more branches to the character to show how cursed he is.


With Swift I started of going to owl enclosures to get ideas and to be able to draw real life owls up close. I needed to capture how they moved and looked so that I could work on developing my character. I then drew up different owls and different styles trying to generate ideas on I wanted him to look. I then found that I wanted to use a Screech Owl as the type of Owl because I felt it has the shape that I was looking for.

Ancient Tree

So my last character is the ancient tree on which curses Hollow and chases him down to turn him into a tree. I started of drawing trees outside and to learn to get the shape of how the trees grow and how the branches form. I then drew up designs of evil like trees, experimenting with how many eyes he has and how his mouth might look. I eventually really liked the idea of making him so that his eyes were the key feature and that they were distorted but after making his model I found that I needed to add a mouth to try and make him look more alive. One of the best things about this character that I like is that he uses his roots to stretch and grab people from distance.


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University 3rd year project evaluation (2000 words) Complete

Life Drawings

Life drawings was very important for me while I was doing my portfolio. I found it to be a useful tool and helped me develop my drawings. It was a way for me to teach myself the anatomy of objects and people so that I could then use those skills to develop my characters. I did life drawing throughout the weeks.



Here is a video which I used to help me try to model my owl character Swift. I found this to be useful because I was curious on how they added texture to the owl and made it look like it had feathers. It was something that I wanted to work on because it was all about applying detail to the models.

Here is another model video that I used to help me get a better understanding on creating a model but this time It was to help me work on my character Hollow. I found this to be helpful to work on the faces and the body structure of my models.

I then came across this model video that I found to be interesting because it was all about a creating a creature model, I thought it would help give me inspiration and ideas on how I can apply some of the methods he uses into my own work.

Week 11: Professional Development

Personal Branding

Personal branding is important because it allows me to sell myself and advertise my work. This will help get my name out there and help me find work. I feel that my brand needs to tell people what Im all about, I decided to go with black, white and grey as my colour scheme because I feel that it links to the style of my work and I think its a nice way to keep things simple and clean.

Website design

Website design personal branding pdf

So after experimenting on creating my own small designs I then went onto using the website Wix.com. This website allows me to create my own website and customize it to how I want it to look. I found this was a create my website and add my branding to it. It also allows me to expand on who I am which is what I couldn’t really do in my CV very well.

Cover letter update

Cover letter university 3


So for my show-reel I wanted to showcase some of my 3D technical skills and innovative ideas. I think although some of it might not be in the area that I want to go into but Id be able to show of the work that I have done over the years. That way if anyone did want to see my photos of my work they could view my website or blog which showcases the art direction that I want to go into.

CV update

So for my feedback for my CV I found that I needed to add my branding to it so that all of my work links together and it makes it more recognizable. I also found that although I have made it shorter in some areas I also need to work on editing the size of the font so that it doesn’t look to bulky.

Next I found that the ink splashy effect that I originally wanted to use could cover the CV more in a creative aspect, this will make it stand out more and add to my branding concept.

The images that I have used I could maybe get rid of them and just focus more on the style that I am using.

The logo I found that I really like it but I need to find a way to show that its my names initials so that people know who it is. I could do this by extending my name onto the initials maybe or writing my name under the logo.

CV update one page

CV Updated Shortened 22April


Report 3rd year 2500 words April 22



Week 11: Animation Production

Evaluation Update

After receiving feedback from my tutor the previous week I went onto changing parts of the evaluation. I found that I needed to link it to the industry that I want to go into so that I can show my process on how I researched on what is needed in the industry and then how I have demonstrated it with my work flow.

University 3rd year project evaluation (2000 words)


Stage 1

So for Hollows stage 1 I went onto editing the face again and trying to get that realistic look that I was after. I found this to be challenging with this model due to the size of the character model compared to the other models. I often found that the head and hands would sometimes even full off even with having the wire skeleton underneath the size was to delicate. I feel that I need to edit parts of his body still such as his shoulders and arms so that they fit better with the models frame of his body.

Next I looked at making a axe for him as a prop to fit with his character, this will also show difference to his other stages showing that he is still the same person currently and that he hasn’t transformed yet. I found the axe to be simple and easy to create although I will edit the way it looks so that it looks more wooden and axe like.

Stage 2

For stage 2 I decided to restyle his hair and change it to the one that looks more similar to the designs that I have done in my portfolio. I also edited his mouth and eyes so that he looks more realistic and lifelike.

Next I feel that I need to make him a bit more muscly which will help show the process of his transformation more and that not only is he changing into a wooden creature but he also is gaining strength and size.

Stage 3

After re looking at stage 3 I now feel that I need to go back on myself and work on adding more detail onto the characters face, this will then help bring the character to life more and help show his personality.

With his legs being so altered Im also now thinking on what he would look like with a arm that twists out and looks more like a branch, this will hopefully help show that he is more like a tree at this stage and that he is restricted to move much.


I found with swift to be very enjoyable to create. After working on his body and wings on the previous week I then went onto making huge face edits and changes. I feel that the level of detail that I have done on the face shows a clear example of what my character looks like in my character sheets. I feel that this model has been on of the most successful so far.

I also feel that the feathers on the wings are very detailed and look very realistic although I feel that I could maybe make the wings a bit more larger.

I feel that the eyes, went really well. I think it shows the characters personality well. Swift needed to look like a moody teen like owl which Is why I went with this look.

Ancient Tree

So for my 4th Character I wanted the make the sculpture model a different colour to the other models, I did this to show that he is a villain and that he would have darker colours on him.

I feel that so far that it is going really well I feel that I have managed to get the main structure correct and that although its a tree it does have evil like features on him. Such as the twisted arms, the evil distorted eyes and the long root that grabs onto people.

I wanted it to look as creepy and dark as possible so that my story had a twist. The character itself is normally a lot bigger so that Hollow had a difficult time trying to escape it.

I created the skeleton using a mixture of wire and wooden cocktale sticks. I used the wire to try and get a basic tree shape structure and then used the cocktale sticks to then form branches and roots, this helped me create finer shaped branches which I found to be a bit more difficult than using the wire. I also found that the cocktale stick were strong and stable and helped keep the structure of the model up.

I feel that I could improve on the model by adding more detail to some parts of the model and making some of the branches more thinner than what they are currently.


Here are the sketches and design ideas that I came up with when creating my 4th Character. I found when creating my character that I didn’t want to have the generic look and that the tree needed to look different so thats why I went with it only having the two eyes. I also think that only having the two eyes also help make the character look a lot more sinister looking which is what I wanted.


This weeks plan

Over this week I am plan to take fresh photos of all my work and scan in drawing from my sketchbooks. I will be doing this so that I can get a much better quality of photos to help present and showcase my work. I found that from my feedback that I need to show my work at its best with the best photos as I can. I will be able to show the detail with my models more clearly and it’ll help show key features better.

I will also be working on creating the final concept sheets of my characters which will then show a clear finalized look on all of the characters that I have created.

Plus I am thinking on doing designs that show Hollows curse that he has more clearly so that people can understand the story visually. This will hopefully show the struggles that he has to go through on his adventure.

I think that I need to work on finishing my expression sheets and adding the 4th character to them. Also adding my 4th character to the design process like I did with the previous characters.


Week 10: Professional Development

Applying for a job in the creative industry

Apply for job Character design/artist

Concept freelance artist

I looked at different jobs within the industry so that I could find something more fitting for me rather than what I had already previously picked. I found a freelance job but later learnt that I wasn’t to sure about a freelance position this early.




Creative Artist Rockstar games

Here is another job that I had keen interest in working for however I still felt it was still a bit too ambitious.




Trainee Character Artist Creative Assembly

After getting my feedback from the interviews from the previous week I found that I needed to find and apply for a job which wasn’t as ambitious and rather something more fitting for my level.

Then I came across a job at Creative Assembly which is for Trainee Character Artist which was developed for graduates which seemed a lot more fitting for me and it was also based within England which meant it is easier to travel to than my previous job that I applied for.



CA Apply

Cover letter feedback

For my cover letter I found that one of the biggest issues was that It was too big. I will need to shorten my cover letter so that it suits the creative industry rather than it being too long which isn’t what you would expect in the creative industry. They want to see short and simple cover letter that give a quick easy overlook on who you are and what you do.

I was then told that I need to complement the company that I want to work for, this will show that I’ve researched the company and the company understands that I am actually keen because I took time to find out what they are about and I gave them credit for it.

I then found out that my structure needed to be altered so that parts that I was talking about fitted with other parts rather than it being mixed up in the wrong places which might be confusing for the reader.

CV feedback

For my CV we first looked at the top half of the CV where we see the banner and personal details that I have. I found out that it wasn’t necessary to have the banner of drawings and that I should choose one of them and use that as the main piece of work to showcase. This will then free up a lot of space for my CV shrinking the size so that I am able to fit it all onto one page rather than having it all on two separate sides.

Next we looked at my name. We spoke how my middle name wasn’t important enough to be on the CV however I mentioned that I linked to my logos identity so I thought instead of having my full middle name I could just use the initial and highlight that fact that my initials link to my logo. I will need to make sure the logo design that I have created is on my next CV update and that it is easy to see and read.

The rest of my details also wasn’t as important as I thought, they shouldn’t be at the top of the screen and should be smaller in the bottom as it will be the last thing they read. Also by putting the details of my address, phone number etc.. into the footer it frees up even more space for my to transfer the rest of the text from the other side of the CV.

Then we looked at the brief description of my profile. I learnt that I needed to be as accurate as possible with selling myself and make sure that everything I wrote was true and fitted with my description.

For the education part I found that I needed to write my degree in with the section to show that I have studied animation. I didn’t include it at first because I thought that I should only include it once I had fully finished my course.

After we looked at the software experience part, on which I showcased my skills and experience with quick simple pie charts. I found that the pie charts was a nice way to show case my understanding of the software however I could change the layout on which they are currently, making them into columns instead will help give me space for my work and allow me to go into detail more on what I am good at while using these software programs and what I can do on them.

So then we looked at the employment part of the CV which goes through all my previous work places that I have had. I found that I need to bullet point them better and that I could make them shorter because they fill up half of a page.

For my interests my tutor mentioned that she liked that I had an interest in drawing specific things but I could expand onto it even more which will help show my thoughts and feelings with my interests in detail.

Mock interview self evaluation

Below is the second stage of the interview which I gain feedback from on what I did wrong and areas I could work on. This will allow me to develop myself when im in real interviews.

I found that I was abit harsh on myself and that I focused to much on my own weaknesses. For me to improve for a future interview I think I will need to be less nervous and be more confident with my responses, I think I also need to slow down and think about the questions that they have asked me rather than rushing to answer and I end up talking to much and forgetting what the question was really asking.

After re watching I also feel that could work on my appearance more, I feel that it might look abit to casual rather than the creative look that I was after.

Week 10: Animation Production

Characters development

Ancient tree

So from my feedback from last week I learnt that I needed to add another character to my portfolio, this will help bulk up my work and allow me to show more variety with my work. I thought that I needed to make a villain type character to explain the reason why Hollow is cursed, with this in mind I looked at mythological creatures that I could use as a starting point. Such as witches or a Gorgon although I found that they might be to generic and they have been used too much in other stories.

So I then looked at early ideas and thoughts about my work that I had from the start with the story. Which I came across the idea of the ancient tree found within the deep twisted forest. I found that it made sense to use that as my character and adapt it to look like a sinister cursed tree. So my first thoughts is that I wanted the tree to be the biggest tree within the forest making Hollow notice it, which will then lead to him trying to cut it down. I wanted to tree to not have any leaves and it needed to have twisted branches growing out of it which resemble arms. I felt with this character I was able to adapt the story more and make it so that the Ancient tree’s roots were able to stretch out to crazy lengths so that he can use them to grab on to Hollow so that he struggles to escape from the forest. Rather than my original idea with the forest coming to live. I think having it so that the Ancient Tree is alive and not the forest makes sense more and it shows the impact that the character has within the story. I found that adding this character made the story a lot more darker than how it was originally which is what I want.

The ancient tree needs to be an overgrown twisted oak tree. After drawing more designs and ideas I found that I want the tree to have no mouth although he does have eyes. I wanted to make it so that his eyes were distorted and mixed within the oak. I felt that the eyes need to big quite big to be able show the characters emotion and personality easier because of it lacking other features. I wanted the branches on the tree to resemble huge twisted arms that are able to stretch out and grab people. The roots of the tree also needed to be like arms and were used to dig beneath ground to then branch out to grab people from beneath.

For the ancient trees story I want to make him so that he seems to be jealous of humans because he is unable to get out of the forest. He appears sad at first and then when Hollow starts chopping at him he becomes angry which leads him to curse Hollow.

Story summary

The story so far is that Hollow a young lumberjack needs to enter a deep forest to gather some wood for his village. He is joined by his companion Swift who is a female owl that helps him in situations. When Hollow gets deep within the forest he comes across a huge thick twisted tree. So he begins to cut at it and then suddenly the tree awakes and knocks him to ground which curses Hollow. Hollow panics and begins to run, Swift quickly follows. Hollow becomes very lost in the forest and needs Swift to help him find the way out. The ancient tree begins to stretch out branches and roots so that they can grab Hollow and turn him into part of the forest. Hollow then learns that any wood he touches he turns more into word. This turns into a terrifying experience for Hollow. When Hollow reaches the mid way point within the forest he find that he has become half tree like and one of his legs has turned fully wooden. This means that he has started to slow down. Then eventually the ancient tree manages to grab onto again which then finally fully turns Hollow into a human like tree creature. This now means that Hollow is unable to move and is now trapped within the forest with all the other trees beside him. After this it is Swifts job to find a solution to save Hollow from the forest and to break the curse.



So for swifts model I looked at reshaping it completely from the basic shapes that I did for it originally. Looking at the designs that I had done previously for the character I wanted to work on a pose that I had drawn up which shows the wings spread out. With this I tried to add detail to the wings of the character showing the feathers and the sizing of the wings. I found that creating this characters model to be enjoyable and interesting to me although my next step with the character is to work on editing the facial features trying the get it to look similar to the designs that I had created for Swift.


So for Hollows stage one I found that the head was too big for the character. So I decided to re do the head completely to try and fit it in proportion to his body. I found this characters face to be the hardest to do because of the face being a lot smaller than the other models which meant I had to go into finer detail.

Next I looked at stage 2 I wanted to also work on the face more for this characters model as well. I found that the eyes needed more muscles around them which will help show the realism. Although I feel that the hair needs to be adjusted and I do need to add finer detail to the face structure.


For the 3rd stage I feel that looking back at it is practically finished compared to the other models. I feel that I have shown of the character design clearly showing the key features the character to a strong level. I also added the smaller version of Swift to the model to show the size comparison.

So next I am working on my 3rd character, the ancient tree. I wanted to use a different colour of Plasticine to this character to show that he is different to the other characters and that he is more of a villain within the story. So far I have created the basic shaping of the character model so that I will be able to work from the designs that I am creating and try to structure it the way It needs to be. I need to make the branches sprout out of it more and the roots needs to be longer. I also found that I need to shrink the size of the model so that it is a reasonable size to work with although in reality the tree would be 10 times the size of Hollow.

Whats next?

My plan for next week is to continue working on the faces of all my models. I will looking at adding detail and brushing up on the Ancient Tree model so that it looks a lot like my ideas and designs. I will be creating more sketch book work and finding ways that I can present my work better, this means I could use a white box to show off the shadow with my sculpts and clearer photos of my sketchbook work.

Week 9: Professional Development

Questions about you

  • Tell me about yourself? I am young creative student looking to find character design related work after I have graduated.
  • Reasons of applying? The reason why I have applied is because I feel that I have a talent and ambition to use on exciting new projects. I have learnt how to do 3d animation and character design which are both things I enjoyed and have equipped me with the skills and experience to be able to work on projects that you have to offer. I’ve learnt the human anatomy and created 3D models using Maya and ive also created sculptures of models out of Plasticine. I’ve done research into the industry and created a portfolio that I will continue to build with my career.
  • Why have you applied for this role? I have applied for this role because it is something that im passionate about and enjoy, I feel if I do a job that I enjoy, im going to work to the best of my abilities.
  • Talk me through your CV
  • What is your most significant achievement? It will one day be to work in the animation industry.
  • Describe your last role for me, what were your responsibilities?  Well I worked at a summer camp last year and I was a team leader. I had to work with a team to plan and deliver out activities for children and teens.
  • What ambitions do you have? My ambition is to work in a creative environment with a team of artists to deliver work that will be credited on a film or game.
  • What are your main strengths and weaknesses? My strengths are that I am dedicated and will make sure I finish what I’ve started. I work well with a team and im ready to adapt to new projects and work. My weaknesses are that I can get nervous meeting new people and I can stress about my work when deadlines approach.

Questions about them

  • What do you know about our company? I know that your company have created Danger mouse and the amazing world of gumball and offer great opportunities for artists to create new exciting projects.
  • Who are our competitors? What differentiates us from them?
  • What are the key challenges facing X sector?
  • What has been in the news recently that would have an effect on our organisation?
  • What do you think of our products/service?
  • Who are our customers? I feel that your customers are aimed at family and children. Although I feel some of the work that you have created has the diversity to be also aimed at teens.

Questions asking you how you would deal with a particular situation

  • You are a primary teacher about to take the morning register, when a man storms into the classroom shouting that one child has bullied his daughter. What do you do? I would ask the man to follow me outside the classroom calmly. I would then proceed to ask what his issue is and who has been bullied. I would then tell him to report this to the reception and that I will move the child away from the person bullying him. I will also speak to the bully after school to try and get there side of the story.
  • As a supermarket manager you are presented with four times the usual number of staff ringing in sick. It is Saturday morning. What do you do? I would see if anyone who has the day off is able to work on the Saturday and swap a day where they are meant to be in.
  • What would you do if you found out that a colleague was breaking the rules? I would inform the colleague that I will report them to the boss if they were to do it again. I feel that if you were to snitch behind their back it would lose trust as a team and that Id give them a chance to correct themselves.
  • You have a doctors appointment arranged for noon. You’ve waited two weeks to get in. An urgent meeting is scheduled at the last moment though. What do you do? Call in to say if the meeting can be rearranged because health is more important than work.

Questions which test if you have the competences required for the job

  • Can you tell me about the time when you have demonstrated X skill?

Strength based questions

  • Describe a movie you’ve seen that really inspired you.
  • Describe what makes an ideal work day for you.

Current trends

I found that 3d animation has been alot more popular in the western culture. I found that 2d isnt as used as much as it was before and that 3d is being used more frequent and that not just in the film industry but also in the game industry.

I’ve also noticed that VR virtual reality is starting to take shape. People are getting more interested in the idea of it and it has a huge potential for animation.

I’ve noticed reboots and remakes happening alot recently, people are wanting to see there favorite films brought to life again in new visuals.

Children are using phones and tablets more and more so the animation platforms needs to move to different technologies if there audience is aimed at young a audience.

Feedback from mock interview

After the interview they gave me feedback which I could use to improve myself for future real interviews, I found out that my trends were strong and relevant. There were times where I spoke to much about my weaknesses rather than just giving them one weakness which would of been fine. Saying that I lost interest wasn’t a smart thing to say, I should of stated that would always get back on track rather than losing track of what I needed to do. I feel that I could of used STAR to back up some of my answers.

I feel that I could of expanded some of my answers abit more, giving a better summary of things rather than being to vague with some of the answers. Maybe have some examples to back up my claims.

There was a part where I said to much and started to lose my answer because of the long reply so afterwards I asked if I had answered their question to see if it did or not. This was good because it gave me chance to get back on track with the answer.


I found that I was very nervous during the interview and I found that doing it has gave me valuable information for me to use so that I can improve myself for future interviews. I think I need to relax more and stop and think before giving my answers. I also feel that I should expand with my answers more and use STAR to back up my points.